HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git/Github, Responsive Web Design, User Centered Design, Design Thinking, Design Principles and Agile Methodology

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, inVision

Working On:
Design Animation, Wordpress Themes

I'm Sanchith, a UI/UX designer and developer and a graduate of The Iron Yard's Design program.

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a Masters in Computer Engineering I went on to work in the Networking Industry. As a Software Developer at Cisco Systems I helped bring to market several innovative products and enjoyed working with diverse and brilliant groups of engineers and architects. After a decade in the industry I felt a strong pull towards design and a more creative career. So I decided to combine my love for development and design and move into the exciting field of user centered design.

I now focus on designing and creating simple, usable and enjoyable solutions on the UX side. I begin every project by understanding it's requirements, the brand’s personality, tone of voice, objectives, target audience and competitors. Through user and design research, observation and interpretation, feedback and design iterations I aim to better understand the user’s needs and behaviors and create solutions that not only meet the user’s needs, but also anticipates opportunities to make the user experience more useful and efficient.

With experience ranging from software development to project management to web development to user centered design I bring a variety of skills to every project. I feel confident that my skills allow me to add value to all aspects of a product life cycle. In rethinking the web design process, keeping the emphasis on user-centered design and incorporating design thinking and design principles, I strive to deliver creative, innovative and engaging solutions to every problem.

When I'm not coding or designing, you can find me reading, hiking, playing the piano or exploring new cultures and cuisines.

If you have a potential project that I may be able to help you with or just want to say hello, please get in touch!