designer | developer

I design and create digital experiences that are simple, usable and enjoyable!

Who I am

I'm a UX Designer and former Software Engineer. I bring a technical engineering background, a user centered process, and strong advocacy for collaborative design to every project I work on. As a designer my goal is to help design and craft products, services and experiences that connect with people in meaningful and enduring ways. Read more about me.

My Approach

My experience in the development world has taught me that the most effective tools for a successful product are collaboration and empathy. Keeping the focus on the user at every stage of the process and collaborating with and clearly articulating ideas to cross-functional teams has helped successfully break down complex problems into effective solutions.

How I get there

1. User and design research, market and audience analysis, personas, user journeys.
2. Branding, imaging, typography, layout, color and style.
3. Sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes and code.
4. Usability and user testing - remote and in person.